Salvia Ostfriesland

Height 50cm
Spread 40cm
Full sun
Dry Tolerant
Frost Hardy
Botanical Name: Salvia nemerosa Ostfriesland

Variety Profile

  • Long flowering - masses of lavender blue flower spikes throughout warmer months
  • Dry tolerant once established
  • Forms a tight, compact mound of foliage which is aromatic when crushed
  • Hardy and easy to grow

Cultural Care

Grows well in most soil types which are moist but well draining. Best colour is achieved in a sunny location. Prune plant to ground level after flowering which will result in a new, fresh flush of foliage and flower. An application of slow release fertiliser during early spring would be beneficial to overall performance.

Plant Uses

  • Mass plant for long lasting colour impact
  • Mixed perennial borders
  • Large containers
  • Fast results for new gardens
  • Coastal zones
  • Aromatic or sensory gardens
  • General garden use

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