Iberis Sweetie Pie

Height 20cm
Spread 60cm
Full sun
Botanical Name: Iberis hybrid Sweetie Pie

Variety Profile

  • A mass display of lacy white flower heads overlaid with lilac from late spring to early summer.
  • Spreading ground cover - will cascade over walls or embankments.

Cultural Care

Grows well in most soil types that are moist but well draining. Tolerates dry conditions well once established but should not be allowed to dry out completely during extended periods of heat.
No pruning generally required. Feed after main flowering flush with a slow release fertiliser for best results.

Plant Uses

  • Mass plant large drifts for decorative ground cover.
  • Container or hanging basket displays.
  • Soft edging for paths or paved areas.
  • Will cascade over retaining walls, rockeries and embankments.


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