Plant Growers Australia Pty Ltd (PGA) an industry accredited, innovative wholesale nursery occupying 12 acres approximately 40 km east of Melbourne, where it has been operating since 1971. It is owned and operated by Michael Cole — Sales and Marketing, Howard Bentley — Production and Operations, and Malchom Dickson — Financials and produces over 1 million plants to the garden and landscape industry annually.

PGA is well known for its regular introduction of new and interesting varieties. Bringing new plants to the gardening public has always been an important part of the business. Throughout the history of the company well trialled, new and exciting plants have been released. Many of these have been carefully selected and imported through our AQIS approved Quarantine facility, from other parts of the world which have similar growing conditions of heat and low water tolerance.

Plant breeding has also been a focus of the nursery for more than 20 years. Dedicated facilities now allow us to use the best genetics from Australia and around the world to develop superior, great performing garden plants. Varieties like the Lavender Ruffles and Gaura Passionate series have since been exported to the world and now have international success.

At PGA we believe that availability, information and support for our plants are essential. This is done on many levels from our in house designed labels, POS and advertising to the internet and VIP club. We have dedicated sales staff, ensuring a high level of communication and service to our large network of retail outlets. These staff are independently based in Victoria, NSW, Canberra and SA. PGA plants are distributed from our nursery to all these areas and are still available in WA, TAS and QLD where selected quality growers produce them.

Innovation is an important company philosophy. Although PGA has been operating from the same site for over 35 years it has continually evolved and developed, embracing new concepts and ideas to aid in growing the best possible plants in the most efficient ways. In recent times the nursery has installed a recycling system, efficiently applying, capturing, treating and reusing all of its own water.

Over 95% of plants are actually propagated on site. Being able to have total quality control over our plant production meant the investment in a state of the art propagation facility in 2004. The success of this has now led PGA to provide other wholesale growers with young plants for their own production.

PGA's product range of over 300 varieties, both native and exotic, is constantly evolving and is targeted at providing well presented, high quality and successful plants for the enjoyment of, both the home gardener and landscaper alike.

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