Dreameria® Collection

The Dreameria® Collection is a 2017 new release bred by PGA InnovaBred.

Bred for the global market the Dreameria® Collection is a range of new Armerias boasting masses of large, globe-shaped blooms neatly held atop sturdy upright stems. The Dreameria Collection has been refined thanks to a ten year breeding program creating tightly mounded, dry tolerant plants to suit rockeries and coastal conditions. With a range of extraordinarily vibrant colours and rigid stems make for stunning, long lasting cut flower displays. The low maintenance, tough nature of this collection makes it an ideal range for use in contemporary architectural settings to complement the modern home garden, and high traffic public spaces.


  • A range of compact varieties from a dedicated breeding program
  • Smaller inflorescence bodies with long ribbon-like bracts held above the foliage
  • Excellent cold tolerance in Australian trials


  • Ideal for paths, entrance ways and entertainment areas where the aroma can be appreciated as well as the flower colour
  • Low hedging
  • Sensory and children’s gardens
  • Containers


  • Plant in a sunny location in well draining soil
  • A light prune after the main flowering flush will encourage a bushy habit
  • A boost of slow release fertiliser in late summer/early autumn will optimise performance