Height 80cm
Spread 80cm
Full sun
Dry Tolerant
Frost Hardy
Botanical Name: LAVINNOVA® pendunculata Pukehou

Variety Profile

Originating in New Zealand the name Pukehou is a Maori name and translates to ‘Hill of dedication’ which is named after a hill in the town of Manakau.
Legend has that one of the Maori chiefs lept off its steep escarpment to his death and the hill has since become a local landmark and historical site.

The variety is a striking new introduction with up to five large, showy ribbon-like bracts appearing on the crown of each purple coloured flower.

Flowering commences in late winter and will continue well into the warmer months producing superb spring/summer displays. Growth is compact and bushy with aromatic foliage.

Cultural Care

A light prune after flowering will encourage bushiness and new flower growth for next season. Plant in a full sun location with free draining soil. An application of slow release fertiliser will be of benefit in the early spring and perhaps again after flowering.

Plant Uses

A particularly stunning variety for use as an ornamental hedge. Suited to most garden styles including cottage and Mediterranean. Also an attractive container plant.

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