Nepeta Lemon Nip

Height 25cm
Spread 80cm
Full sun
Full sun/Part Shade
Dry Tolerant
Botanical Name: Nepeta cataria citridora Lemon Nip

Variety Profile

A low growing, spreading perennial related to the mint family. Lemon Nip forms a low, compact mound of attractive grey/green foliage which has a citrus aroma if bruised or handled. A mass display of deep blue flower spikes is produced through the summer months which are larger than normally found in other species.

The common name of 'catmint' given to Nepetas is due to their alluring appeal to cats.

Cultural Care

A decisive prune of up to half its size after the first main flush will induce a second flower display which will carry on through into autumn. Performs best in a sunny location with well drained soil becoming drought tolerant as it establishes.

Plant Uses

Catmints grow well in most soil types given good drainage with plenty of sun. They are a useful ornamental shrub for gardeners living in coastal regions also. Members of the catmint family have also been used as pest repellents.

Some of uses have included sprinkling fresh catmint leaves along ant trails to repel them or plantings in vegie patches to repel onion maggots. It is also believed to deter mice and rats if planted around the house.

Apart from general garden use it makes a terrific under planting for roses, an ornamental specimen for herb gardens or for helping to 'blend' together other perennials and shrubs in mixed borders.

A useful plant for those establishing new gardens or anyone needing fast results with low maintenance requirements.

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