Loropetalum Daybreak Flame

Height 3m
Spread 2m
Full sun
Full sun/Part Shade
Botanical Name: Loropetalum chinese var. rubrum Daybreak Flame

Variety Profile

An evergreen shrub with unusual ornamental foliage.  New growth appears as burgundy ageing to tones of bronze and olive green offering year round interest in the gardenscape.  In addition striking lolly-pink, tassle-like flowers are borne in spring with spot flowering occuring throughout the year.

Cultural Care

Select a sunny to part shade location in a well drained soil.  Alight trim after flowering will help to maintain a neat and compact shape.  An application of slow release fertiliser during early spring wil be beneficial to overall performance.  Can be grown in large tubs with good quality potting mix.

Plant Uses

A highly ornamental shrub for most garden situations. Native to China, Japan and South-eastern Asia, loropetalum is naturally suited to asian themed gardens and is ideal for a feature specimen in these environments. They are equally at home in a sunny, shrub border and make a terrific feature if dotted along drives or pathways. They can add interest to rockeries as well as around pools or entertainment areas.

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