Antirrhinum Pale Pink Snap in Black

Height 40cm
Spread 40cm
Full sun
Botanical Name: Antirrhinum hybrid Pale Pink Snap in Black

Variety Profile

Evergreen, perennial varieties of snapdragon with dramatic black colouring of new foliage

A compact habit ideal for flower borders and containers.

Heavy flowering in spring with repeat blooming during the year.

Easy to grow and fast results

Cultural Care

Grows well in most soil types which are
moist but well draining - does not like to sit in wet conditions for long periods of time.
Prune to shape after a main flowering flush
to encourage a dense habit.
Apply a slow release fertiliser during spring. Mulch well to help retain moisture during
dry periods.
Fertilse regularly if grown in containers.

Plant Uses

Containers and general garden use.

Mass plant for high colour impact in sunny mixed borders.

Attracts pollinators.

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