Page 2 - Lavender Booklet 2021
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 What is LAVINNOVA®?
LAVINNOVA® is a world-leading breeding program that represents... • Cutting edge, distinctive and never-seen-before plants ideal for
Australian gardens
• Extensive colour range of both foliage and flowers so there is Lavender
selection for everyone
• Unparalleled ‘wing’ size that sets LAVINNOVA® apart from typical
spring-flowering lavenders
• Dependable and disease-free garden performance - they look amazing
with very little effort
LAVINNOVA® brings together 25 years of Australian Lavender breeding including well-known garden favourites like the ‘Ruffles’, ‘Fairy Wings’, ‘Lace’ series as well as stand-alone varieties such as the ‘The Princess’ and new introductions such as ‘Purple Reign’ and ‘The Queen’.
And best of all, these plants are Australian horticultural innovation that are taking on the world!

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