The birthplace of new plant innovations

PGA InnovaBred is the innovative breeding arm of Plant Growers Australia. PGA InnovaBred are renowned for their groundbreaking and targeted breeding programs, having introduced outstanding new plants to the world for over 20 years. Head breeders Howard Bentley and Steve Eggleton are focussed on the key criteria of “exceptional plant performance.” With a combined total of over 50 years knowledge and experience, they understand the necessity to assess and test new varieties at all levels - for the grower, the retailer and most importantly ensuring excellent garden performance for the consumer.

PGA InnovaBred adopts a truly global approach to breeding, travelling extensively to source genetics and inspire future plant breeding directions. Dedicated facilities, personal skills and knowledge and a passion for innovation means that PGA InnovaBred is focussed on global market trends. We remain committed to continued introductions of exceptional ornamental varieties to both Australian and international horticultural markets.