Anemone are perennial plants that are more commonly known worldwide as ‘windflowers’ as blooms are borne on slender, airy stems that sway with the slightest breeze. Despite their delicate appearance they are very hardy garden performers, particularly for some difficult sites such as beneath tree canopies or filling narrow spaces in low dimly lit areas of your landscape. Having said that, do not relegate them to roles of simple fillers as the selected varieties in our collection are outstanding when it comes to flower power and will make an attention demanding display during both spring and autumn seasons, particularly with group plantings.

Many of our available selections are also much shorter and compact than more common varieties making them perfect for use in containers, small spaces or simply dotted through the front of a mixed border. Planting and caring for Anemones is also easy as once established they are very undemanding with both dry and frost tolerance. Most thrive in partial shade but happily perform in sunny locations as long as care is taken to not let them dry out during any extended period of heat.

Loved by butterflies, and other pollinators, they are splendid for mixed wildflower plantings or adding a softening touch to boxed or formal beds.