Great this Month

  Armeria Pink Petite

A delightful clump forming evergreen plant ideal for edging, container culture or simply adding colour to the front of garden beds and rockeries. Short but prolific stems of soft mauve/pink coloured flowers cluster together to form impressive round globes during spring which last well if cut for fresh posies. The attractive foliage comprises of fine grass-like leaves providing an interesting textural presence year round.

Armerias are a hardy perennial found in a range of soil types and climatic conditions around the world ranging from storm-swept coastal zones through to alpine meadows.

  Armeria Pretty Petite

• Forms a tight, tufted mound of ornamental, grass-like foliage for year round interest.
• Long flowering perennial topped with masses of globe shaped, soft pink flowers through much of the year with main flush in spring.
• Low maintenance and easy to grow.
• Dry tolerant once established.

  Hellebore Angel Glow

• Delightful pink buds burst into light pink flowers.

• Long flowering, with blooms ageing to a rich off-white.

• Vigorous grower with a tidy habit.

• Extremely hardy and tolerant of poor soil types.

  Hellebore Molly's White

With delightful cup-shaped white blooms adorning this beautiful Hellebore throughout winter and early spring, 'Molly’s White' is destined to become an essential addition to any semi-shaded border or container. Beautiful green flushing and a dusky pink reverse to each petal make 'Molly’s White' a simple yet opulent statement plant that would be an unbeatable indoor specimen for up to three weeks during it’s extended flowering time. Upon planting outdoors it is a valuable, easy-care evergreen that will continue to delight well after the last blooms fade.

 • Beautiful white flowers with blush pink tones from winter to spring

• Long flowering period

• Vigorous evergreen perennial with a tidy growth habit

  Hellebore Pennys Pink

A vigorous grower with tidy plant habit. A heavy flowering variety with beautiful mid pink flowers from winter to spring. Easy to grow with minimal maintenance and frost hardy below 1ºc it can also withstand low water conditions making it ideal for planting under trees where few other plants can compete. Although a great shade solution - hellebores can also tolerate a good deal of sunlight also and so do not need to be restricted to shade gardens alone.

Many hellebores are grown from seed which can offer variations from one plant to another, H. Penny's Pink, however, is grown from tissue culture which guarantees that each and every plant will present consistent flower colour, habit and growth characteristics ensuring desired effects when mass planting or creating 'drifts' in landscape.


Hellebores are a classic garden favourite which reminds us that spring is just around the corner. Belonging to the large genus Helleborus, it is part of the larger buttercup family - Ranunculaceae they are native to regions of Europe and Asia.

They are perennials and largely evergreen with strong, leathery leaves which provides a steady foundation throughout the year for shade garden displays. Flowers which end the bleakness of winter early can be found in a host of colours ranging from apricot, yellows and greens through to soft and deep shades of pink, maroon and even deep, dark plums or slate greys and, of course, cream to crisp whites. In addition, petals may be spotted or picoteed (narrow band of colour on edge of petals) whilst others may feature double petals for a ruffled, romatic appearance.

  Hellebore Tutu
  • Flowers feature elegant, ruffled centres with pale pink, flecked petals.
  • Flowers from mid winter through to spring
  • Vigorous grower with tidy plant habit
  • Hardy evergreen foliage
  • Ideal for low light areas and winter colour
  • Easy to grow with minimal maintenance
  Hemerocallis Stella Bella

Commonly known as 'Day Lily', members of this family are known world wide for their hardiness, beauty and reliability and H. 'Stella Bella' is no exception.

The golden yellow flowers are produced in great quantities on 50cm long stems. In addition to its beauty this particular variety stands apart from the rest in its remarkable ability to bloom and re-bloom for up to six months of the year.

Foliage is strap-like reaching approximately 40cm in height and, unlike many other varieties in the family, is evergreen. A truly rewarding plant for the novice and experienced gardener alike.

  Iberis Winter Glow

This small, evergreen perennial more commonly known as 'candytuft' has always been highly regarded as a decorative garden plant. The attractive foliage forms a neat dome which is
cloaked in lacy white flower heads throughout winter and spring.
Spot flowering can also appear during the rest of the year. A premium selection for edging gardens, rockeries or as a container specimen.

  Loropetalum Plum Gorgeous

• Deepest, darkest coloured foliage found amongst Loropetalums - retaining colour year round
• Vivid deep raspberry coloured, tasseled flowers during spring and autumn
• Maintains a naturally dense, domed habit
• Easy to grow with minimal maintenance

  Nemesia Blueberry Ripple
  • A prolific display of deep lilac-blue flowers from autumn through to spring.
  • Flowers are fragrant and plant forms a neat, mounding habit.
  • Easy to grow and ideal for containers or general garden use.

Brought to us from the United Kingdom, the Berry Delight range of nemesias are the result of many years breeding to produce varieties which are hardy, free flowering with compact and neat habits.
The collection varieties also boast new colour breaks, larger flowers and a lovely fragrance.
All are excellent choices for container gardening, hanging baskets or edging along the front of garden beds and borders.

  Nemesia Lilacberry Ripple
  • A prolific display of duo-toned, soft mauve from autumn through to spring.
  • Flowers are fragrant and plant forms a neat, mounding habit.
  • Easy to grow and ideal for containers or general garden use.
  Nemesia White Confetti

A perennial nemesias which has been bred in Australia from the soft pink flowering Nemesia 'Confetti' which came to us from the UK and which is particularly notable for its prolific flowering.

N. 'Confetti White' also offers this long and profuse flowering from autumn through spring but another feature which should not be overlooked is the compact form achieved giving us low growing mounds of fresh, bright green foliage as a neat base to the floral display.

Delight in its performance, lightly scented blooms, ease of growth and the speed at which it will become an established and treasured addition to your landscape.

Blooming for months on end, beginning in autumn and going right through into spring and, if spent flowers are regularly trimmed off after each flush, more dainty little blooms will quickly replace them.

  Polygala LITTLE BIBI®

This exciting new Polygala introduction, offering excellent garden attributes, making it ideal for a wide range of conditions.

A naturally dwarf evergreen shrub with glaucous grey green leaves. It flowers heavily with its main flush in spring/summer, and continuously throughout the remainder of the year (depending on location and local conditions) with pretty mauve/purple pea like flowers.

Heat and frost hardy, this tough plant is ideal for a wide range of domestic and commercial landscapes.

  Salvia Santa Barbara

A dwarf form of the common Mexican Sage. Long stems of velvety purple flowers crown the silvery green foliage over summer through autumn. Ideal for low maintenance gardening.