Great this Month

  Arthropodium Te Puna
  • Very hardy and water wise with lush, evergreen foliage
  • Dwarf form of a popular landscaping plant
  • Suited to difficult dry and/or shady areas
  • Billowy white floral stems from spring to summer

  Dianthus Sugar Plum Raspberry
  • Evergreen and hardy without any special needs
  • Heavy flowering in spring
  • Repeat blooming
  • Beautiful colours and wonderfully perfumed flowers
  • Compact and free flowering
  • Cut flowers last well for floral arrangements
  Diascia Gardascia Candy Pink
  • Bred for superior performance in Australian garden conditions.
  • A lengthy and very showy display of colourful blooms over most of the year - with main flush during spring.
  • Forms an attractive, dense dome of foliage.
  • Hardy, fast and easy to grow.
  • Terrific garden variety - hardy, fast & easy to grow.
  • Low maintenance once established.
  DREAMERIA® Daydream
  • Masses of globe-shaped blooms with main flush during spring.
  • Variety of eye-catching vivid flower colours.
  • Tight mound of ornamental foliage.
  • Dry tolerant once established.
  • Frost tolerant.
  • Wind tolerant and suitable to coastal areas.
  Escallonia Dark Pink HEDGE WITH AN EDGE®
  • Attractive, glossy, evergreen foliage which responds well to clipping.
  • Deep candy pink flowers over summer months.
  • An easy to grow and hardy shrub for both hedging and general garden use.
  Euphorbia Silver Swan

• Striking, variegated foliage of grey green with silvery edging year round.
• Tidy plant habit of medium growth
• Spikes of creamy coloured flowers produced from late winter through spring
• Evergreen and hardy, without any special needs

  LAVINNOVA® Violet Lace

Early flowering forms of lavender with compact habits and aromatic grey foliage. Emerging from early winter, purple coloured lavender flower heads provide a lively display for what can be a dreary time in garden landscapes. L. 'Violet Lace' offers flowers of an intense deep purple colour whereas L. 'Lavender Lace' is at the other end of the spectrum in soft shades of lilac. Middle ground is where you will find the colourings of V. 'Winter Lace' whose fragrant flower heads are crowned with ruffled, mid lilac coloured bracts that soften with age giving a delightful dappled effect.

Lavandula (the name of this genus) is derived from the latin word lavare which means 'to wash' in recognition of its common use since Roman times in soaps and various toiletries. In Elizabethan times laundresses were referred to as 'lavendres' due to their use of lavender-scented water to impart the herbs fresh scent through their washing. Over the centuries a host of ailments were sought to be cured through various applications and preparations involving the use of lavender. Today this amazing plant continues to delight gardeners with its soothing scent, drought tolerance, ease of care and range of uses whether in the garden or dried for floral crafts.

Lavender stoechas makes reference to where it originated, the Islands of Stoechades, off the coast of France in the Mediterrranean, renamed since as the Iles de Hyeres.

  Limonium Perezii Blue

Very hardy and outstanding perennial for water wise gardens. Tall clusters of tiny, deep mauve flowers are produced throughout much of the year.
Ornamental foliage is evergreen and forms an attractive, rounded mound.Can be mass planted for low maintenance areas or low, edging borders.

  Loropetalum Plum Gorgeous

• Deepest, darkest coloured foliage found amongst Loropetalums - retaining colour year round
• Vivid deep raspberry coloured, tasseled flowers during spring and autumn
• Maintains a naturally dense, domed habit
• Easy to grow with minimal maintenance

  Persicaria Red Dragon
  • Dramatic year round colour from foliage of deep plum with silvery V shaped markings.
  • Tough and easy to grow with a clumping habit, ideal for containers or a colourful infill in borders.
  • Tolerant of clay soils and wet areas.
  • Sprays of dainty white flowers over spring.
  Phlox Jagger
  • Clusters of lilac coloured flowers can completely blanket foliage when at peak display.
  • Fast and easy to grow.
  • Long flowering display beginning from mid spring through to autumn.
  • Tolerant of heat and humidity - mildew resistant.
  • Attracts pollinators.
  • Ideal for containers or general garden use
  Salvia So Cool Violet

• Striking flower colour of deep purple with high volume of blooms produced in spring. Further flushes continue throughout the warmer months.
• Very compact and dense growth habits.
• Low maintenance, dry tolerant and easy to grow.

  Tulbaghia Dark Star

This variety has been selected for the Border Stars™range and has been selected specifically for
its hardiness and reliability in performance under difficult circumstances. It tolerates both dry and wet conditions and feature long periods of flowering displays. Bred by PGA to incorporate these tough characteristics with new colour variation to others in range.

  • Very hardy, clump forming perennials.
  • Fine, grass-like foliage is evergreen and ornamental year round
  • Long flowering - from spring through to late winter
  • Low water requirements
  • Easy to grow with minimal maintenance