The importance of pollinators and our reliance on them for our own sustenance and wellbeing has sadly been undervalued in years gone by and only now, when their existence has become challenged globally, they are thrust into the limelight, albeit for ominous reasons, and everyone should listen and play a part to help. It takes very little to make positive changes and of course home gardeners are well positioned to lead the charge of change. Even one container of a pollinator friendly plant is a beneficial step we can each easily implement and is accessible for all, even if all the garden space you have is limited to a balcony or window sill. Naturally for those of us fortunate to have larger spaces for plantings, more consideration can be given to mixed or successive plantings to extend nectar supply for many types of pollinators over all the seasons, but whether your space is large or small, careful selection of long performing pollinator friendly plants can not only offer succour to pollinator communities but also look beautiful for you! Many of the plant varieties grown by PGA are pollinator friendly but to make it that bit easier for choosing we have selected a few favourites that we know will be a hit with your local birds, bees and butterflies and are easy and joyful to grow.