A reliable and exciting range of these dainty border plants have been gathered to provide a jewel studded line up for colour which begins in spring and which will continue through to summer. Most Geums don’t grow much higher than 50cm making them ideal for front to middle of border and will perform well in containers given good quality potting mix. Foliage forms a dense, neat mound whilst the flamboyant blooms rise on tall stems in a prolific and airy display.

Not difficult to grow and trouble-free plants they will tolerate bouts of dry but do prefer a moisture retentive soil which is well draining – boggy, wet soil will not suit. They also prefer a full sun location but will tolerate some light to part. Once a clump establishes it will slowly spread forming an attractive mound of foliage.

Flowering is prolific but you can keep the show going even longer if you take the time to snip off any stems that are finished as the display rolls through the display period. By planting groups of three or more plants you will not only create a powerful splash of colour but the plants can merge to form an attractive ground cover.

Geums are a great choice for naturalistic style plantings, are great pollinator friends and can be used in rockeries or containers so be sure to check out the many selections available in the JAZZY™ Geums range.