• Compact variety ideal for small spaces.
  • Colour for low light areas.
  • Great in containers and baskets.

Botanical name Fuchsia Happy Bells Vivacious

Height 40cm
Spread 50cm

Botanical name Fuchsia Happy Bells Vivacious

Plant uses

  • Fast results in containers or general garden use.
  • Colour for undercover entertainment areas and other low light situations.
  • Mixed borders, small or narrow spaces.

Cultural care

Grows well in most soil types which are moist but well draining. Water regularly - apply a layer of mulch to help conserve moisture during extended periods of heat. Pruning generally not required although a light trim after main flowering flush will help to maintain a neat, dense habit. Apply a slow release fertiliser during spring. Offer protection where frosts may occcur and from strong afternoon sun.