• Australian native daisy.
  • Low growing and ideal for small spaces.
  • Long flowering - over warmer months.

Botanical name Brachyscome angustifolia Brasco Violet

Height 25cm
Spread 40cm
Full sun
Full sun/part shade

Botanical name Brachyscome angustifolia Brasco Violet

Plant uses

  • Great for mixed borders, containers and hanging baskets.
  • Can be grown en masse as ground cover.
  • Ideal for cottage, native or wild flower gardens.
  • Will spill over retaining walls or rockery walls.

Cultural care

Low maintenance and easy to grow. Grows well in most soil types given good drainage. Water wise once established but should be given occasional deep watering during extended periods of heat. Regular light trims will encourage repeat flowering and maintain a neat habit. Apply a slow release fertiliser in spring for optimum results.