Beautiful and improved varieties of a popular ornamental ground cover - the selections in our MOON range are compact with tight habits creating a dense cover of foliage which are studded with funnel-like flowers over the warmer months. As well as an ornamental ground cover, they will also trail over walls and rockeries if allowed and are dry tolerant once established. Great for use around poolside landscaping and in coastal regions too. Low maintenance and easy to grow in sunny locations!

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Battle the heat of summer with the very tough selections of Tulbaghia BORDER STARS® range. Don't let their dainty appearance fool you, they are as tough as they come when combating both dry and wet conditions. A great selection which are fantastic for edging, containers and all general garden use.

Pictured below: Tulbaghia 'Starburst' - click on the link for our collections to see more.

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