Convolvulus forms a large family, which are a highly versatile and ornamental group with a faithful performance. They all provide a lengthy and showy display of funnel-like flowers over the warmer months and are ideal as hardy ground covers or for filling smaller or narrow spaces. They make a terrific feature as well as highlighting foil for other adjacent plants.

These humble plants are often not given the full credit they are due - hardy and attractive they are very giving when it comes to flowering and yet require very little in return. A sunny location in a well draining soil will allow them to slowly spread and carpet a good size area with soft, low-growing foliage. In the spring the first displays of flower begins and continues right through the warmer months.

The MOON™ varieties are products of an ongoing breeding program from PGA InnovaBred which has already seen the introduction of much improved varieties with denser habits and more colour choices. Beautiful in containers, baskets, mass planted to cover sunny spaces or spilling through rockeries or over walls - if you are in need of something low maintenance, attractive and water wise, this is a collection to consider.