Hellebores are a classic garden favourite which reminds us that spring is just around the corner whilst combating grey winter skies with their elegant and bright presence. Belonging to the large genus Helleborus, it is part of the larger buttercup family – Ranunculaceae and are native to regions of Europe and Asia.

This amazing collection of breathtaking hellebores includes varieties sourced from all over the world have been specifically chosen to suit our Australian conditions. From the pale but radiant tones through to the deep rich red shades you're sure to find a colour and style to suit your garden.

Hellebores flower throughout winter and into early spring and are the perfect choice for turning a dull and shady nook into a true sensation. Dramatic displays can be achieved by mass planting one or even mixed varieties in a drift for low light spaces. They also make excellent gifts as they can be kept indoors for up to six weeks at a time in a light room before being planted out into decorative containers or garden beds for longer term cultivation.

Indoors for a moment...outdoors for a lifetime. Choose your favourite...