Armeria Bees Lilac

Height 15cm
Spread 30cm
Full sun
Dry Tolerant
Frost Hardy
Botanical Name: Armeria alliacea x maritima Bees Lilac

Variety Profile

A delightful clump forming evergreen plant ideal for edging, container culture or simply adding colour to the front of garden beds and rockeries. Tall, leafless stems of flowers cluster together to form impressive round globes from late winter through spring which last well if cut for fresh posies. The attractive foliage comprises of broader leaves than normally found in this family providing an interesting textural presence year round.

Armerias are a hardy perennial found in a range of soil types and climatic conditions around the world ranging from storm-swept coastal zones through to alpine meadows.

Cultural Care

Prefers a full sun position in a friable, well drained soil. Although dry tolerant once established occasional deep watering through extended periods of heat will maintain a more robust performance. No pruning required although removing spent flower stems will encourage further displays. Feed with a slow release fertiliser in spring.

Plant Uses

Rock or gravel gardens, containers, edging for paths or garden beds, japanese style gardens, small filler for perennial borders.

Although flower stems can be up to 30cm tall, the foliage is low growing and therefore should always be planted towards the front of a garden display to remain visible. In containers they can be planted alone as a feature when in flower or alternatively mix with plants with broader or larger foliage for contrast. Stunning effects can be achieved when mass planted as a ground cover or planted in groups of 3 to 5 to created drifts.

•Edging   •Rockeries or gravel style gardens   •Containers   •Small gardens or spaces
•Mass plant as ground cover   •General garden use   •Coastal planting

Plant Partners: Plants which require similar growing conditions which are also complementary include: Daylilies, Salvias, Veronica, Phlox

Colour Schemes: For a soft palette mix with other shades of pink, purples - using small amounts of silver or cream for highlights. For a brighter more vibrant feel, partner with deep purples and cobalt blues with a fresh lime to break up the strong colours here and there (can be from foliage plants as well as flowers).


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