Sedum Rose Carpet

Height 10cm
Botanical Name: Sedum ewersii var. homophyllum Rose Carpet

Variety Profile

  • Rounded blue/green foliage forms a very low and ornamental mat of foliage.
  • Clusters of deep pink, star-shaped flowers are a beautiful attraction over the summer months.
  • Easy to grow, dry tolerant and very low maintenance.

Cultural Care

Grows well in most soil types which are well draining. Dry tolerant once established requiring little watering other than during extended periods of heat.
No pruning is generally required. Apply a slow release fertiliser during spring for optimum results.

Plant Uses

  • Containers and/or general garden use.
  • Waterwise landscapes and garden borders.
  • Fast growing for quick results.
  • Will cascade over walls and embankments.
  • Ideal for rockeries or gravel gardens.


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