For centuries Salvias have been valued by cultures all over the world for both their aesthetic appeal and ease of culture as well as more utilitarian uses in culinary and medicinal applications. Salvias are members of the mint family, Lamiaceae and by far comprises the largest genus in that family. Many varieties in our collection have been bred and introduced to the commercial market having refined some valued characteristics such as habit, east of culture, dry tolerance and of course a wide selection of colour and textures.

Tolerating dry spells, growing easily in most soil types and free flowering throughout the warmer months, these wonderfully easy and adaptable plants come in so many forms and colours that in garden displays, designs using them alone are almost endless. In modern landscapes try creating a mixed border of companion plants such as perennial grasses, hardy day-lilies, the dainty but tough tulbaghia family, euphorbias, sedums and other succulents to combine for an upbeat, contemporary display. For more period or traditional style homes, salvias are so easy to blend into a romantic yet hardy design using such water wise companions as roses, lavender, agapanthus and rosemary.

Salvias are not only beautiful and colourful garden choices but are choice candidates for sustainable gardening and particularly for those wishing to entice more birds, bees and beneficial insects to their gardens. Browse through our large collection to see the wide selection available.