These specially bred African Daisy hybrids are not only stunningly beautiful but also excellent groundcover plants for a sunny, well drained position. Their growth is particularly dense with the foliage forming a neat dome around 40cm high with a spread of up to a metre wide giving effective cover and weed suppression.

Forming a compact and dense mound of fresh mint green foliage with a distinctive, silvery white undersides, they provide an attractive presence year-round. The flowers begin to appear from mid-winter as they cover the foliage and continue this display right through to early summer. Tolerant of dry conditions and, in fact, revel in a sunny, well drained position. They ask very little in the way of care and attention - a factor that's important for people with little time to spare.

Low maintenance, requiring no pruning and just a dose of slow release fertiliser in spring. It does help to nip off any spent blooms now and then as this will increase flower production. An all-year-round groundcover plant, looking great at all times, but really sensational when dressed in their floral finery.