Creating a tough but ornamental edging for dry, sunny locations often proves too challenging for many types of perennials but not so for a group of ornamentals known as Tulbaghia. Offering resistance to both wet and dry conditions, they can withstand much of the challenges our Australian climates can throw at them! Even when used to edge hard surfaces such as concrete paths or paved areas, which radiate a lot of heat in the summer months, the Tulbaghias continue to hold their own. In fact, once established, very little seems to concern them!

If this is not enough, they also insist on flowering for an exceptionally lengthy season beginning in spring and re-flushing all the way through to autumn. Foliage is fine and grass-like for a very ornamental and textural effect when planted en masse or as edging. In general gardening they happily intermingle in perennial borders and can do very well in containers where there is decking or paving. Fast growing, tough and pretty - there is little that they are not suited to and they tick all the boxes for a low maintenance and sustainable gardening.