• Silver-white flowers with ice blue edging.
  • Hardy, dwarf Agapanthus ideal for edging and small spaces.
  • Low maintenance and drought resistant.

Botanical name Agapanthus Silver Baby

Height 80cm
Spread 40cm
Full sun
Full sun/part shade
Frost hardy

Botanical name Agapanthus Silver Baby

Plant uses

  • Well suited to large containers
  • Gravel style and water wise garden designs
  • Mass plant low maintenance areas
  • Mixed flower borders

Plant Partners: Plants which require similar growing conditions which are also complementary include: Daylilies, Salvias, Lavenders, Succulents

Colour Schemes: A 'Silver Baby' has predominently white flowers and as such can be incorporated into any colour scheme. As it flowers through the warmer months it is particularly refreshing to adapt a 'cooler' scheme including blues and purples with perhaps a little yellow added for some drama. You are certainly not limited to any range with this one, however, so let your creativity flow!

Cultural care

Select a sunny location in most soil types given that it is well draining. No pruning is required although removing spent flowers increases further production. Hardy and dry tolerant once established. An addition of a slow release fertiliser during spring would be beneficial to overall performance.