• Fabulous glossy evergreen foliage for lush looking hedging.
  • Prolific flower sprays appear over summer.
  • Easy to grow for many applications in gardens or large containers.

Botanical name Escallonia x exoniensis Dwarf Pink HEDGE WITH AN EDGE®

Height 80cm
Spread 80cm
Full sun
Frost hardy

Botanical name Escallonia x exoniensis Dwarf Pink HEDGE WITH AN EDGE®

Plant uses

This escallonia is a versatile plant which when added to a garden border or bed will give year round structure and appeal. It is, however, particularly suited to any hedging or topiary work as it responds well to regular, light clippings producing a dense mat of foliage. For this reason it is ideal for creating a low, ornamental hedge for defining garden beds, paths or driveways.

Individual plants can also be trimmed into topiary shapes to provide focal points in the garden or at the entrance/exit of doorways and paths. Grow in decorative containers for patios and entertainment areas.

If used for hedging, space plants approximately 60cm apart or alternatively, for quicker results, spacing can be reduced to as little as 40cm apart.

Cultural care

Low water requirements once established requiring only occasional deep watering during extended periods of heat. Grows well in most soil types which are well draining. Fertilise with a slow release fertiliser during early spring. A light pruning after flowering to maintain neat shape. If used for hedging space plants approximately 50cm apart and trim as required.