LAVINNOVA® Violet Lace

Height 70cm
Spread 70cm
Full sun
Dry Tolerant
Frost Hardy
Botanical Name: LAVINNOVA® pendunculata Violet Lace

Variety Profile

L. ‘Violet Lace’ is part of the well-known ‘Lavender Lace’ Collection. Featuring a tight compact habit, with aromatic grey foliage with flowers borne on stems that sit proudly above the plant L. ‘Violet Lace’ forms a tight dome of bright violet creating an impressive display for any garden or landscape during early spring when little else is blooming. 

  • Early flowering fragrant lavenders.
  • Flowers in varying shades of purple from intense deep hues to mild lilac tones.
  • Neat compact habits and aromatic grey foliage.
  • Main flowering flush begins from autumn continuing throughout the winter months.

Cultural Care

Low water requirements. Dry tolerant once established. Plant in a sunny location in well draining soil. Clip back to two thirds of it’s size in late summer to maintain shape and vigour. After pruning and application of fertiliser and a light sprinkling of dolomite lime over soil would be beneficial.

Plant Uses

  • Ideal for paths, entrance ways and entertainment areas where the winter colour can be appreciated.
  • Low hedging.
  • Waterwise gardens.
  • Containers and general garden use.

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