Verbena Homestead Purple

Height 50cm
Spread 90cm
Full sun
Dry Tolerant
Frost Hardy
Botanical Name: Verbena Homestead Purple

Variety Profile

A trailing, ground covering perennial which produces a dazzling display of vibrant, rich purple flower heads larger than those normally belonging to this family. V. 'Homestead Purple'  is an early flowering verbena discovered in the garden of an old homestead in Atlanta, Georgia. The softly fragrant flowers are borne throughout the warmer months and continue on into autumn.

V.  'Homestead Purple' is a particularly hardy cultivar withstanding dry, warm conditions up to 35 °C as well as cold down to -5°C. An additional bonus to impatient gardeners, or those trying to establish a new garden, is the fast pace at which 'Homestead Purple' will establish and spread to form a very attractive carpet of foliage. Gardeners will also find that they are not the only ones attracted to the vivid floral display with butterflies finding this verbena very alluring.

Verbenas belong to a genus of over 250 varieties - most of which are perennial - and are native to regions of Europe, North and South America.

Cultural Care

A hardy plant which once established requires little to no maintenance. Select a sunny to part shade location in any well drained soil. Pruning is not required although a light trim after a main flowering flush will encourage further displays.

A fairly drought tolerant plant but as with most plants to keep foliage dense and fresh looking a deep watering should be given during an extended period of dry weather. A light application of slow release fertiliser during early spring will be beneficial to overall performance. More applications than this may result in more foliage being produced than flowers.

Plant Uses

A very useful landscaping plant for both practical and aesthetic reasons. The long display of colour makes this a favourite plant for edging around garden beds or cascading from retaining walls and rockeries. They can be used as a ground covers for low maintenance areas whilst small groups of plants can be used between shrubs and perennials in the garden to act as an attractive 'fill in' for bare patches as well as shading out weeds.

V.  'Homestead Purple's deep rich colour can be incorporated into most colour schemes adding some depth to softer pastel combinations of blues, pinks and lavender or - in more vibrant plantings - can offer a deep contrast for vivid pinks, yellows and reds.

More unusual and contemporary combinations can also be made using silver foliaged plants for background foils along with plants in various shades of green from dark through to lime hues as well as variegated varieties. To accent your verbena further try using plants with large leaves or strap-like leaves as a contrast to the finely cut foliage of 'Homestead Purple'

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