Bracteantha Daisy Fields Gold

Height 40cm
Spread 1m
Full sun
Dry Tolerant
Botanical Name: Bracteantha bracteata Daisy Fields Gold

Variety Profile

Long flowering native plant more commonly known as an ‘everlasting daisy’. Produces very long displaying, golden yellow flowers from spring through to autumn.

Cultural Care

Low water user. Once established, quite dry tolerant requiring only occasional long soak during extended periods of heat. Low maintenance and easy to grow. Prune after flowering to encourage bushy growth and ensure a long flowering season. Feed in spring with a slow release fertiliser according to manufacturers directions.

Plant Uses

  • Great for bright colour around entertainment areas.
  • Grows well in containers.
  • Suitable for native gardens.
  • Ideal for small spaces and produces fast results for new gardens.
  • Lasts extremely well cut for floral arrangements and flowers can be dried for crafts.


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