Dianthus Candy Floss

Height 30cm
Spread 40cm
Full sun
Frost Hardy
Botanical Name: Dianthus Candy Floss

Variety Profile

Beautifully fragrant, more commonly known as 'Garden Pinks'.  These charming plants have short stems which produce a profusion of frilled, double flowers of sweet sugary pink in colour.

Cultural Care

Low water requirement, requiring only an occasional deep soak during extended periods of heat once established.  Easy to grow and very low maintenance.  Remove old flower stems and apply a slow release fertiliser in spring to encourage bushy growth and profuse flowering.

Plant Uses

Perfect for adding bright splashes of colour in entertainment areas and suitable to plant in large or small gardens as well as containers.  This variety is also well suited as a border in garden beds or along a pathway and would make a wonderful specimen near entrances and doorways, where the delicate perfume can be enjoyed.

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