Eucomis Sparkling Burgundy

Height 60cm
Spread 60cm
Full sun
Botanical Name: Eucomis comosa Sparkling Burgundy

Variety Profile

Commonly known as the Pineapple lily, this bulb has unusual and striking, burgundy coloured foliage.  Sword-like in shape, and rich in colour, this plant provides dramatic visual impact.  To add even further interest, during summer, a thick stem rises from the central rosette of foliage producing a spike of pineapple like flowers with masses of tiny star shaped purple flowers which begin to open from bottom to top over a six to eight week period. Above the cluster of flowers, a tuft of burgundy blushed, green bracts form, finishing off the pineapple-like appearance.

Cultural Care

Hardy and easy to grow, it will tolerate some shade, however the best colour is produced when planted in well drained soil and a full sun position.
Grows well in most soils which are well draining. Once established water requirements are low but do not allow to dry out over extended periods of heat.
Generally no pruning required other than removal of spent flower stems to encourage further flushes.
In cold climates foliage will recede during winter with fresh, colourful new growth reappearing in spring. Apply a slow release fertilser during spring for best results.

Plant Uses

  • Water wise for containers or gardens
  • Small or narrow spaces in gardens/courtyards
  • Last well as a cut flower for floral arrangements
  • Year round interest for general garden use


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