• Both striking foliage colour and flower spikes.
  • Fast growing and low maintenance.
  • Ideal for water wise gardening.

Botanical name Euphorbia amygdaloides Craigieburn

Height 60cm
Spread 80cm
Full sun

Botanical name Euphorbia amygdaloides Craigieburn

Plant uses

  • Adding permanent structure and colour to mixed borders
  • Small spaces or gardens as well as containers
  • Water wise, gravel or dry style gardens
  • Long season of interest for entertainment areas

Cultural care

Grows well in most soils which are well draining. Once established water requirements are low but do not allow to dry out over extended periods of heat. Generally no pruning required other than removal of spent flower stems to encourage bushy growth. When pruning use gloves as sap can be irritating to skin and eyes. Apply a slow release fertilser during spring for best results.