Euphorbia Tiny Tim

Height 50cm
Spread 50cm
Full sun
Dry Tolerant
Frost Hardy
Botanical Name: Euphorbia x martinii Tiny Tim

Variety Profile

A particularly compact form with a tight, mounded habit. New growth of foliage is a captivating red hue and gives way to a fresh and vibrant display of lime green flower spikes appearing from early spring. Like all in the euphorbia family, E. Tiny Tim is very dry tolerant once established performing with easy in dry conditions. Easy to grow with minimal maintenance
The architectural attributes of its foliage adds year round interest to garden landscapes and can be used to great effect if repeated in containers to define paved areas or edges of pools and pathways.
Other dry tolerant plants which make attractive companions could include any blue/grey coloured succulents or Festuca grass. All members of the salvia family are suitable with colour choices ranging from pinks and reds through to purples and blues. Other members of the euphorbia family such as E. Craigieburn or E. Blackbird or E. Silver Swan are very complementary partners. For those with more traditional, cottage style gardens, euphorbias offer a great source of structural stability to a 'frothy' flower bed of roses, irises, heliotrope, alliums and pelargoniums as well as annual garden displays.

Cultural Care

Grows well in most soils which are well draining. Once established water requirements are low but do not allow to dry out over extended periods of heat. Generally no pruning required other than removal of spent flower stems to encourage bushy growth. When pruning use gloves as sap can be irritating to skin and eyes. Apply a slow release fertilser during spring for best results.

Plant Uses

A small variety ideal for containers, either individually or in mixed arrangements.
Suits small gardens, patios, balconies and courtyards.      
Year round interest for general garden use.
Dry, gravel or Mediterranean style gardens.

  • Water wise for containers or gardens
  • Small or narrow spaces in gardens, balconies or courtyards
  • Year round interest for general garden use


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