Origanum Bellissimo

Height 20cm
Spread 1m
Full sun
Full sun/Part Shade
Botanical Name: Origanum Bellissimo

Variety Profile

  • A stunning new ornamental selection with large hop-like flowers.
  • Rich purple flower bracts deepen as they age producing a beautiful deep colour display in the garden.
  • This variety copes very well with excessive summer rains as long as drainage is adequate.
  • Very dry tolerant and also copes well with frost.
  • Ornamental Origanums are best used to create colourful displays in garden borders, edging and containers.
  • Enjoy the aromatic foliage if planted around entrances and entertainment areas.

Cultural Care

Plant in a full sun position and a well drained soil for best results.
Remove old growth and apply a slow release fertiliser when new growth appears in spring.

Plant Uses

  • Rich colour displays
  • Crowning glory for retaining walls and embankments
  • Rockeries
  • Low borders and edging

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