Hydrangea Magical Revolution - Prime Starters

Height 70cm
Spread 70cm
Full sun
Full sun/Part Shade
Botanical Name: Hydrangea macrophylla Magical Revolution - Prime Starters

Variety Profile

A revolution for gardeners and home decorators, bringing garden beauty into the home. Flowering continuously for up to 150 days with a magical colour transformation from pastel pink or blue, through to deep burgundy, this is a plant that really performs – indoors and in the garden. A living bunch of flowers, perfect on the kitchen bench and will outlast any cut flowers by months and months. Equally happy outside, Hydrangea ‘Magical Revolution’ has improved resistance to sun, frost, rain and all the elements. 

Cultural Care

In containers use good quality potting mix and keep the roots moist. Outdoors plant or position in a partially shaded spot where
the soil stays moist. Indoors, keep away from heat sources and place outside in the winter months to rejuvenate and ensure full flowering in the warmer months. To keep initial flowers blue, apply powdered sulphur once a year in early spring

Plant Uses

  • Indoor flowers for colour
  • The perfect container plant for patios and courtyards
  • Long-lasting garden bed display
  • Garden feature, ideal for entrances and pathways

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