• Well-suited to patio pots
  • Dry tolerant
  • Tough and easy to grow

Botanical name Hellebore Charmer

Height 30cm
Spread 50cm
Full sun/part shade
Full shade

Botanical name Hellebore Charmer

Plant uses

  • Gorgeous mottled claret-coloured flowers
  • Stunning winter cut flowers
  • Neat and compact shape, ideal for pots
  • Tough and easy-care plant
  • Perfect for shady woodlands and small gardens

Cultural care

Water requirements are medium once established. Will benefit from an occasional deep soak during periods of extended heat. If growing in containers, care should be taken not to allow to dry out completely. Plant in a well-draining potting media in pots or in an enriched soil in the garden. Tidy after flowering by removing old flower heads. For best results, feed in late autumn and spring with a slow release fertiliser