Height 60cm
Spread 90cm
Full sun
Full sun/Part Shade
Dry Tolerant
Botanical Name: LAVINNOVA® hybrid Lilac Lace

Variety Profile

The rich-purple buds and neat lilac wavy flower wings hover neatly above the grey-green foliage like a swarm of colourful bees. L. ‘Lilac Lace’ is a fine lavender selection that makes a wonderful addition to modern cottage flower gardens and pot displays alike. Plant alongside its companion L. ‘Pink Lace’ for a pleasing garden colour combination.

  • Neat two-tone lilac/purple flowers.
  • Tidy and compact grey-green foliage.
  • Simple and long-lasting flower show.
  • Easy-care plant with exceptional flower display.

Cultural Care

Low to medium water requirements. Tolerates dry spells but will appreciate a soak during extended dry periods. Remove spent flower heads to encourage further displays. Fertilise in late winter for optimum results.

Plant Uses

  • A fine plant for containers and feature planting
  • Spectacular flower colour show for borders and path edges
  • Water wise and sunny gardens
  • High impact low informal hedges
  • Rockeries and coastal gardens

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