Allium Summer Beauty

Height 45cm
Spread 45cm
Full sun
Botanical Name: Allium Summer Beauty

Variety Profile

  • A prolific display of large globe-shaped, soft pink flowers from spring to summer.
  • Neat, mounding habit of strappy green foliage.
  • Easy to grow and ideal for small or narrow spaces.

Cultural Care

Easy to grow in most soil types which are moist but well draining. No pruning is generally required although older foliage can be removed once new growth appears in spring to tidy appearance. Foliage may disappear over winter in colder regions with new, fresh foliage appearing in spring. Apply a slow release fertiliser during spring for optimum results.

Plant Uses

  • Ideal for mixed shrub or floral borders
  • Can be grown in containers for paved areas, courtyards, decks etc
  • Create mass colour by planting in groups of 3-5
  • Ideal for small or narrow spaces and low edging
  • Plant in edible gardens to attract pollinators


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