Pratia Snow Angel

Height 10cm
Full sun
Full sun/Part Shade
Botanical Name: Pratia Angulata Snow Angel

Variety Profile

  • Forms a dense carpet of lush green foliage that will also creep between rocks and crevices.
  • Fast and easy to grow in low light areas.
  • Studded with dainty, bright white flowers from late spring through to autumn.

Cultural Care

Performs best in moist, well draining soils. No pruning is required. Apply a slow release fertiliser during spring for best results. Protect from drying out during extend periods of heat or times of low rain fall.

Plant Uses

  • Great cover for difficult sites and will trail over embankments and over walls.
  • Mass plant areas for weed suppression.
  • Can be grown in containers or baskets where it can fill spaces in a mixed display.

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