• Intriguing fluffy, tail-like blooms from late spring.
  • Low growing, spreading habit.
  • Great for baskets, containers and general garden use.

Botanical name Acalypha reptans Stephie

Height 25cm
Spread 60cm
Full sun
Full sun/part shade

Botanical name Acalypha reptans Stephie

Plant uses

  • Containers or general garden use.
  • Mass plant as a decorative ground cover.
  • Can be grown indoors in bright light.

Cultural care

Grows well in most soil types which are moist but well draining. No pruning is generally required although a light trim can be given during late winter to shape.
Apply a slow release fertiliser during spring. Mulch well to help retain moisture during dry periods. Fertilse regularly if grown in containers. Protect from frost.