Perfect for lovers of foliage for year round colour and interest, our varieties of Euphorbias will not disappoint, Selected for their unusual and decorative foliage they have the added bonus of vibrantly coloured flower stems appearing from late winter continuing through spring giving a lively and frothy display that cannot be overlooked for impact value. Each of our selections are compact forms and complement each other when used in group displays either in garden landscapes or containers.

The euphorbia genus is one of the largest in the plant kingdom and includes a large diversity of shapes, sizes and colours but preferred conditions are much the same. They love a sunny location in a soil which drains well. In cottage or wildflower style gardens they add bulk and can be used as a visual anchor for the more ephemeral tides of perennial flowers, keeping a constant interest as others around it bloom and fade. Equally, they are valuable in more contemporary designs where they offer a colourful, architectural presence even through the dull winter months.

Extremely easy to grow, they require very little maintenance if their position is to their liking. Even pruning is generally not required - but - here a word of caution. All euphorbias ooze a milky sap when stems are cut which, if contacts the skin or eyes, can cause irritations. This in itself is not a concern providing you take the precaution of wearing gloves (and not rubbing your eyes) when doing any 'tidy up' work. If you do happen to spill some on yourself, just be sure to wash with clean water as soon as possible.

Added to the visual beauty of these showy varieties is the exceptional tolerance to dry conditions, in fact they will thrive in warm climates. Do be careful though not to allow them to dry out altogether during extended periods of heat as prolonged stress will affect the quality of its foliage until it has time to recover. With just a little thought and care, euphorbias will give you years of pleasure in the landscape.