Adored world over and commonly known as snapdragons, this cheerful group of plants beloved by children and bees, are often grown as annuals but now entering the stage is our amazing perennial range which means years of delight, not just a season.

Bred in Australian by INNOVABRED™ these new selections combine intense and prolific displays of classic snapdragon flowers against a backdrop of deep, dark foliage. New growth emerges in black tones and lighten with age to dark green, both setting off the vibrant and long-lasting flower spikes.

Heavy flowering begins in spring with smaller, repeat flushes occurring during the year. They are fantastic for pollinator plants adding extra value to mixed border displays where they prefer a moist, well-drained soil in a sunny location. Performing equally well in containers where an occasional feed with slow release fertiliser will keep them looking fresh.

Prune to shape after main flowering and adding mulch to retain moisture during dry periods will help you get the best from your plants. Mass plant in blocks of colour for high impact or repeat groups of three plants along long borders for wildflower/cottage charm. Flower spikes last well as cut flowers and another great reason to grow SNAP IN BLACK™ in your garden!