Anemone White Windflower

Height 1m
Spread 1m
Full sun
Full sun/Part Shade
Botanical Name: Anemone japonica White Windflower

Variety Profile

• Prolific and airy display of crisp white, single flowers from late summer through autumn
• Vigorous grower for difficult sites
• Hardy Evergreen foliage
• Ideal for low light areas
• Easy to grow with minimal maintenance

Cultural Care

Grows well in most soil types that are moist but well draining. Occasional long soaks during extended periods of heat is recommended.
No pruning generally required other than to tidy old flower stems or leaves.
Feed during spring with a slow release fertiliser for best results. Mulch well to retain moisture during dry periods.

Plant Uses

  • Mass plant in difficult sites such as beneath tree canopies or low light areas
  • Colour and interest for shady areas
  • Soft but prolific addition to wildflower borders

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