LAVINNOVA® Lavender Lace

Height 70cm
Spread 70cm
Full sun
Dry Tolerant
Frost Hardy
Botanical Name: LAVINNOVA® pendunculata Lavender Lace

Variety Profile

Lavender ‘Lavender Lace’ is part of the well known Lavender Lace Collection. These early flowering forms of lavender, include a range of gorgeous flower colours which are at their peak in winter and into early spring. Members of the Lavender Lace Collection have a tight compact habit, with aromatic grey foliage. The flowers are borne on stems that sit proudly above the plant, forming tight domes of bright colour creating an impressive display for any garden or landscape during this dreary time of year.  

  • Early flowering fragrant lavenders.
  • Flowers in varying shades of lilac tones.
  • Bred in Australia and selected for their lengthy flowering season.
  • Neat compact habits and aromatic grey foliage.

Cultural Care

Plant in a sunny location in well draining soil. Clip back to two thirds of it’s size in late summer to maintain shape and vigour.  After pruning an application of fertiliser and a light sprinkling of dolomite lime over soil would be beneficial. 

Plant Uses

  • Ideal for paths, entrance ways and entertainment areas where the winter colour can be appreciated .
  • Low, informal hedging.
  • Waterwise gardens.
  • Sensory and aromatic gardens.

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