Orthrosanthus Morning Star

Height 50cm
Spread 50cm
Full sun
Full sun/Part Shade
Dry Tolerant
Botanical Name: Orthrosanthus multiflorus Morning Star

Variety Profile

Forms an erect, tufted mound of strap-like, evergreen foliage ideal for providing year round texture to garden displays. Easy to grow and dry tolerant once established making it an ideal selection for low maintenance areas. During spring we see the appearance of dainty, star shaped flowers which can range in colour from a pale sky blue through to mauve shades.

A native to southwestern regions of Australia, they will grow well in most soil types.

Cultural Care

Select a full sun to semi-shaded location in most soil types given that they are well draining. Pruning is generally not required although an established 'clump' can be cut back hard (up to half its original size) during autumn to allow foliage to rejuvenate with new growth the following spring. Only occasional deep watering during extended periods of heat are required once established. A single application of slow release fertiliser during spring would be beneficial to overall performance.

Plant Uses

  • Native or bush style landscapes
  • Adds textural contrast and permanent structure to mixed flower or shrub borders
  • Containers, small or narrow spaces
  • Embankments, rockeries and low maintenance areas
  • Coastal zones and poolside landscaping

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