Dianthus Bright Eyes

Full sun
Botanical Name: Dianthus Bright Eyes

Variety Profile

Offering nothing short of outstanding garden performance, 'Bright Eyes' hails from decades of specialised dianthus breeding. As part of the Scent First Collection, this variety delivers everything we love about 'garden pinks', including fantastic colour and fragrance but with the real bonus of long term garden results. By adding 'Bright Eyes' to your garden you will be creating impressive garden displays with minimal effort. Whilst it rewards you with gorgeous colour and whimsical perfume, it will also thrive under a wide range of garden conditions.

Cultural Care

Low maintenance and easy to grow. Water requirements are low once established, with 'Bright Eyes' being quite dry tolerant. Pruning generally not required, although removing spent flower heads will encourage further blooms. Apply a slow release fertiliser in early spring for optimum performance.

Plant Uses

  • Fragrance & colour for entertainment areas
  • Containers
  • Small gardens or spaces
  • Edging for pathways or gardenbeds
  • General garden use
  • Cut flower for posies
  • Rockeries

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