Sedum Rainbow BLOB®

Full sun
Botanical Name: Sedum spurium Rainbow BLOB®

Variety Profile

  • Ornamental, fleshy foliage of green dappled with pink and creamy white.
  • Forms a low carpet of soft, textural foliage.
  • Clusters of soft pink, star-shaped flowers appear in summer.
  • Low maintenance and easy to grow.
  • Dry tolerant once established.

Cultural Care

Ensure soil is well draining and location sunny. Once established, water sparingly - only when foliage appears to be softening or ‘shrinking’ - typically during extended periods of heat. Does not like to sit in water for lengthy periods. Apply slow release fertiliser during early spring and again in late summer.

Plant Uses

  • Ground cover or edging for paths/driveways
  • Rockeries, gravel or dry garden landscapes
  • Small gardens or spaces
  • Containers and general garden use


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